Welcome... As a Parenting Consultant, I provide positive solutions to your parenting challenges. I combine Parenting and Wellbeing- so you can live well and parent well. This site is dedicated to helping you do just that. Grab yourself a cup of tea and take a look around... Kirsten x

Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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What people say…

Working with Kirsten has been an incredible experience – she has taught me skills and insights that I didn’t even know I was learning. She has helped me with so many areas of my life from work to relationships to future goals and always made the process seem easy.

Thanks Kirsten! Good to have the time and space to think and ask yourself the most important questions- we only get one go at life, don’t we?

A really good introduction to the subject. Lots of food for thought and a practical plan which means I leave feeling very positive.

Really useful morning- I feel ‘fired up’ to get on with some of the actions now!

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